I’m now struggling with office work and have found something strange.

Office work is the last thing I want to do. I have to submit a report on the recent election, the form of which is not for filling in with a PC. The problem is that I have to check the Kanji characters I don’t remember. When I make a mistake in writing proper characters, I have to make a correction and put a stamp of my name on the mistaken Kanji to notify the mistaken part.

I am struggling. With the work I could finish in an hour, I have been struggling for a few days.
There is another problem I have to tackle. The fee for printing posters and leaflets I was told by the printing company is quite different from that I was told at the Election Management office today.

1. Just a simple mistake at the branch
2. Some rip-off by middleman
3. Some trick to trap me with

Is this just my illusion? Hope so. Or, some crime is hidden in this discrepancy?

I think I have to stand firm to go through this issue.