This horrible gap between the cost for the payment of an individual person and for that of the election management.

Yesterday I was surprised to learn from the manager of the last election that the cost of creating leaflets and posters was a little more than 300,000 yen. When I went to the printing company, I was told that cost would be 55000 yen. I called the staff there. He gave me the same cost as the election manager.
He said the original cost was for an individual person but since the election management will do the payment, they have a different system to pay the cost. One poster cost 3,500 yen!!. 3500, x 85 = 297500 yen. Plus the cost for leaflets is added.

Is this not crazy? Maybe there should be some reasonable explanation. I’ll let you know if I’ve got the answer. Today the election manager was off duty. I will ask him tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I still am struggling with the document whose deadline is next Monday.