WWIII, 21st Century’s version of Cuban Missile Crisis (Oct 16, 1962 – Oct 29, 1962)?

John F Kennedy forced a missile-loaded warship to retreat to USSR which had been on the way to Cuba 
This time, Vladimir Putin has been trying to have the New World Order forces back to NATO nations.
Since the Maidan Revolution of 2014, the western forces came next to the Russian border with pro-Western Ukraine. Ukrainian terrorist groups like the battalion Azov had continued to attack the Russian residents in eastern Ukraine. This means the Western forces had advanced into the Russian border by kicking away the Ukrainian Russians.

For the New World Order group, Putin Russia should be the last wall to crush. Xi Jinping China is said to be a globalist nation. If Putin should succeed in giving the anti-Xi Chinese group rise to power, the NWO group may have two challengers, Russia and China.

The NWO, New World Order, group may have decided to finish the war before the winter comes. NATO sent the soldiers to Ukraine to revitalize the battle line in the east of Ukraine. When the winter comes, Ukraine’s infrastructure destroyed by the Russian army and the EU with limited natural gas won’t be able to go through General Winter.

On the other hand, Putin has been trying to prolong the war till General Winter comes. If the nuclear war breaks out, it should be the NWO that I believe would pull the trigger. Reason. NATO has been extending its territory to Ukraine. After the Maidan Revolution, Russia was robbed of its last buffer in Ukraine. They want to finish the war as soon as possible by defeating Putin Russia.
Putin should know that once the nuclear war starts, that’s the end of Russia. The private forces behind the NWO group don’t have to worry about American lives. They are not the US national forces. To establish the New World Order, they would do anything. After all, they have long been planning to depopulate the world.

I am not pro-Putin. This is just my stupid analysis of the present crisis.

In my recent blog, I wrote Nord Stream1 and 2 were stopped by Russia. This was my misunderstanding.

Nord Stream 1
Sep 5, 2022 — Russia has reduced the amount of gas it supplies to Europe through the key Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

OTTAWA/FRANKFURT, July 10 (Reuters) – Canada will return a repaired turbine to Germany that is needed for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline and could help to ensure continued flows of energy until Europe can end its dependency on Russian gas, Canada’s minister of natural resources said.

Nord Stream 2:
Gas Will Never Flow Through Nord Stream 2 – German Minister
The Minister-President of Lower Saxony, believes Germany should never let Nord Stream 2 go ahead as Russia is unreliable.