Participants of my today’s session was four.

My mother said, ”I can’t do anything for you. I always cause trouble to you.”
I told her, “No mom, that’s your job”.

I don’t know whether she understood me or not. As an infant, I was a trouble to her. But that was my job. Her job was to take care of me. Now, at her age, she is a trouble. But I believe that’s her job. My job is to make her think she lives in peace. She is worried that someday she will have to leave her present house to move to some unknown place to live with strangers. That will be when she has completely lost herself.

Today, I held a seminar on covid-19. At one thirty this afternoon, nobody came to the venue, the public hall in my town. I was not worried. Even if no participant should come, tomorrow will be another day. I would try my best next month. Then, an old man with a cane came. Then a middle-aged woman and the third participant appeared. After the session was over, another lady came. I took another hour for her.
I don’t know how many participants will come next time. I believe this is a small start, but this small stone I threw would make ripples spread.