Zelenskyy, a hero in the present day? It means the world is that crazy.

When Volodymyr Zelenskyy came to the world scene as a Ukraine hero, Yukihisa Oikawa said that the Ukraine president didn’t like to be called a Jew. Oikawa said he had received this story from a French journal before. Mr. President seemed to be proud of being a Jew, supported by a wealthy Jewish oligarchy, Igor Valerevich Kolomoisky. When he became president, he went to Ukraine east to talk with the battalion Azov to persuade the group into reconciling with Russian residents (Yukihisa Oikawa). After this, the president changed his stance on the terrorists. Oikawa suspects Zelenskyy might have been threatened to discard his policy of reconciliation to support neo-Nazi groups like the Azov. Maybe so.

When he visited the States to support the war against Russia, he referred to Perl Harbor in relation to the Russian invasion of his country. The fact is just the opposite. NATO enticed away Russia to Ukraine East. The Ukrainian terrorist groups, supported by the CIA and Victoria Nuland, committed every conceivable atrocity against the Russians. That’s why Putin was lured into the war against Ukraine in the name of Special Military Operation.

Japan, in the same way, was lured to attack Perl Harbor. This was originally not a raid. The Foreign Ministry of Japan failed to submit a War declaration in time. However, we admit it became a raid. Of course, FDR had known Japan had to attack the US. Under the US sanction, Japan could not survive. This way, Japan did what it did in Hawaii.

We can’t say which country was good and which country was not. If NATO should have achieved its mission to break Russia and succeeded in getting hold of fossil fuels, it means that the NATO mission was over and that the New World Oder was almost completed.

Well, I was planning to write about the Food Crisis which was “prophesized” by Rockefeller.

The recent two possible pandemics were well prepared by super elite rich people, which were recorded online.

The simulation for the corona pandemic, covid-19, was done in Nov. 2019. Event 201
The simulation for monkeypox was done in March 2021. Tabletop exercise.

About the food crisis, the prophecy of the future has been published for many years. Is it the transition from natural food to foodtech or to nothing to eat in Non-white nations? I didn’t expect that Hitler is still active in this century.

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