WHO and CDC come to Japan following Moderuna. “You guys, what made you come to Japan?”(ユーは何しにニッポンへ?)

Masayasu Inoyue, Osaka Municipal University, honorary professor, talked about Omicron B1 and BA5 vaccines together with other related topics.

In most other nations fewer and fewer people get a jab. Even in Israel, many people have stopped to get further shots. So, now, Japan is the world’s top vaccinated nation. Pfizer and other vaccine production companies have lost the worldwide market except for Japan. There are many Omicron B1 vaccines unsold. Japan has become the last consumer of them. The United States plans to use Omicron BA5 after checking the clinical trial of Japanese people.

Omicron virus stays in the throat which makes people feel that they just suffer like an ordinary cold. The former Wuhan and Delta viruses did more serious harm to the infected. To have taken vaccination before Omicron came might have made sense. However, to be infected by Omicron does far less problem. Then, does it make sense to get a jab?

PM Kishida, who suffered from Omicron after taking a jab four times, said that he had got minor symptoms because of the four-time vaccination. Professor Inoyue commented on PM Kishida as follows:
“PM Kishida was infected even after four-time infections, which means that his vaccinations did not work. The fact was that more vaccination leads to less immunity. The toxin in the spike protein of coronavirus has caused a variety of negative syndrome. The mRNA vaccine should have been banned at the time the toxin was discovered.
The Salk Institute found toxins in the spike protein and announced it on April 30, 2021.

Moderna had a contract with Japan to construct its factory and possibly will monopolize the Japanese and Asian markets. The company has a patent for an mRNA vaccine. CDC and WHO are also coming to Japan. Japan with obedient docile people and with the Best and the Brightest bureaucrats from Tokyo University will solve the pension problem thanks to the drastic future depopulation of the pensioners caused by mRNA vaccination as Emmanuel Todd said somewhere.

WHO, CDC, and Moderna will be 21st century GHQ in Japan?