Xi Jinping was not house arrested. Moet was right, this time, too.

She suspected the rumor spreader should be working for Xi Jinping to know if someone or a group might come to the fore, believing the rumor. Xi Jinping did this trick before. Moet found the key person who spread the rumor on twitter Jennifer Zeng.

This key person Gordon Chang was in Zhejiang Zaibatsu group, which has supported Xi Jinping.

The US administration showed interest in this story of house-arrested Xi Jinping. When they started to investigate what was happening, then, Jennifer Zeng did disappear from her Twitter account.

Moet Fukada repeatedly has tried to tell them about the relationship between Taiwan Zaibatsu and Xi Jinping. Finally, they seemed to know what was what. Taiwan, which asked the US to defend the country from China, was really in connection with Xi Jinping behind the scenes. At first, the US bureaucrats seemed to have a second thoughts about Moet’s explanation. Now, Moet has got the trust of the US administration as well as from the Trump group whom Moet and her US partner approached.

Moet tried to contact LDP members and bureaucrats of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. At first, she believed that they were patriots as they claimed they were. She warned them that Taiwan was working for China, though the former pretended to be a democratic country.

Again and again, she contacted the conservative patriot politicians to talk about the risky Taiwan matter. Instead, she was almost to be arrested and imprisoned for three years. She was sued by a Chinese man who had stolen Japanese nationality with the help of a Chinese ambassador and the Japanese local government. Believe it or not, those Japanese patriot politicians had strong ties with Taiwan and with Xi Jinping through Taiwan.

Moet revealed this relationship of Shinzo Abe group with Ts’ai Ing-wen Taiwan. That’s why Taiwan’s president once asked her contact person to be cautious about Moet Fukada.

I believe former prime minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated by the CIA for his tie with Ts’ai Ing-wen and Xi Jingpin, for his nationalistic stance, or for the influence of his grandfather’s Pan-Asianism (a movement that Asian nations unite and solidify and create a continental identity to defeat the designs of the Western nations to perpetuate hegemony). This is a conspiracy theory of Yoichi.

The US intelligence revealed the person who started this trick of Xi Jinping’s house-arrest