I’ve decided I would raise my voice in this peaceful country communities.

‘It is better to be late than never. I may have learned too much to go through in the afternoon of my life (forgive this exaggeration of mine). Since I started to write a daily blog in English, I have had to browse the Internet to find something to write for the day. The more I learn, the less happy I feel.

We take too many additives. Mika Tsutsumi said that people coming to Japan from the US and EU countries are given a leaflet that reminds them to be careful to eat in Japan full of additives. Is this true?

The Japanese Yen that BOJ issued at zero interest rate goes to Wall Street and to China to make them richer and make us poorer.
Our government has not tried to support domestic companies to work on R&D, instead, selling and handing the products to overseas companies.

Even 6-month-olds are asked to be vaccinated for the Omicron virus, which is not a severe virus. People whose job is involved with vaccination stuff including the government bureaucrats will have to follow the policy, otherwise, they will be cut out of the promotion, and sometimes lose their jobs.
Some people sigh for the lack of Samurai spirit or patriotism which could have been seen in many people before the war.

However, one thing is clear. Behind all of those things are the cold fact of Japan being under the rule of the world’s super-rich elites. The majority of Japanese stocks are in their hands. The media and companies, private or state, are all controlled by overseas powers.

Why am I repeating this nonsense? The title of my second leaflet for the seminar is “Never do you think our town will be forever.” Prof. Murakami of Tokyo University of Science said that the ten mice were all dead after the 6th jab. “Cats were all dead after the 8th jab” was a rumor at the initial stage of the corona pandemic. I wonder if our whole town will disappear from the earth after how many jabs are all taken.

Can we eat at least food-tech food when the world food crisis should come as “being prophesized”?
I wrote and sent the second paper to our mayor. I wanted him to be cautious about vaccination by sharing ideas with other workers as well as family doctors in the town. However, I began to think I, as a citizen, should have to do too what I could. So, I decided to use the strong phrase, “Never do you think our town will be forever.”

Without a “loud warning trumpet sound”, young mothers may not hear the warning. Some medical doctors and scholars made a team in almost all of the prefectures in Japan, telling people to be very careful about the mRNA vaccine. However, those words may not reach the country’s people. That’s why I have decided to raise a “loud” voice against my style.