In this complicated world, even a minor character or country could set a fire to where?

Putin wanted to make Ukraine east the buffer zone between NATO and Russia. He had two jobs he wanted to do, to protect Russian residents in Ukraine’s east and to keep the fossil fuels there. His reasoning should be that if gas and oil were to be sent to the EU countries from Ukraine, Putin won’t be able to use Russian oil and gas as strategic goods to attract Germany and other EU nations through two Nord Streams.

Germany, now, reject Russian natural gas, when General Winter comes, people in Germany and mercenaries from the other Western countries could not continue to fight against Russians. Germany would lift the sanction and ask for Russian gas.

However, this strategy was abruptly halted by the sabotage of the pipeline bombs of Nord Streams. Instead of Russian natural gas, Norway’s pipelines were completed just at the time of the Nord Stream bombing. The gas could be sent to Germany through Poland by way of Denmark though not enough for Germany.

Hunter Biden and Ukraine or the US wanted to send shale gas to the EU. The shale gas was produced in the eastern part of Ukraine,. But it was taken by Russia at the early stage of the war.

Putin knew he couldn’t get support from Xi Jinping China. So, he tried to contact Turkish President Erdogan. If Xi Jinping were selected to be the “emperor” of China, Putin might be finished. Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan would also stand by Xi Jinping China. Then, Russia will be isolated and will have to give in to the West.

However, Italy and Czechoslovakia seem to come to the world stage as conservative forces against the New World Order. The EU nations with people’s protest against the EU establishment in Vienna might be divided into two groups, liberal lefts and “my country first” nationalists.

The explosion of the American gas factory in Texas this June was just an accident? The explosions of Nord Streams must have hurt Russia since Putin lost the means to get Germany to his side. The gas explosion of a Texan factory may work negatively for the States which had lost shale gas in the Ukraine east planned to be sent to Europe.

Many characters joined in Ukrain-Russia War, making the situation more complicated. Even a minor character could set a fire to lead to the Third World War OR by any chance to the 21st version of 1984?