What on earth is “food crisis”?

Did so called “food crisis” come up to the world stage after Putin started a war against Ukraine? That’s not true. The corona pandemic started to cut the world supply chains. The distribution of food and the flow of people stopped. People were asked to stay home. Many cities and towns were locked down.

Covid-19 frightened people. The governments distributed food and money to frightened people staying at home. People appreciated the emergency aid and followed what the government asked them to do. There were some workers at restaurants and bars as well as those in entertainment businesses who were angry or frustrated with the way the government handled their businesses to shrink.

Once the vaccines were reported to be available without clinical trials, hiding the result of animal experimentation. frightened people rushed to get vaccine.

The bottome line was that people were scared more than necessary. The power in high places could impose anything on scared people. People were afraid of the disease.
Then, food crisis. The Western nations criticized Russian invasion of Ukraine, the invasion of the country rich in wheat. Is this the most critical reason for the possible food crisis?

According to Hajime Marutani, journalist, the top wheat producing nations are China, India and Russia in this order. Ukraine is the 7th largest wheat producing nation.
The lack of food caused by Russian invasion of Ukraine may be a serious problem but not the most serious one. The disribution problem due to the cut-off of supply chains should be the most serious crisis.

Facing the shortage of natural gas and other commodities including food will weaken people. They will ask for the government’s support more and more. Then, the government could do what they wanted to do. People will just rely on them.

If some group of people rebel against the government like those who are against vaccination of messenger RNA, the government have many ways to silence them. The violence of BLM type will silence people. Now, in Italy and Chekoslovakia as well as in Hungry, many people began to stand against the New World Order forces. The fear from pandemic, from food crisis and then from violence should be in the road map for totalitariarism or for the Reset.

To cut off this roadmap, we need to unite and in order to unite, we need at least the food to eat. I will try to work for this. That’s why I have stood up to run for council member for this year’s by-election and will run again for the general election of next april. For this reason, I decided to hold a monthly seminar. Again, for this reason, I sent some letters to our mayor.

I know I am just a swaying reed, not a thinking one, either. I just want to do what I could for my home town as well as for my sons and their loved ones.