God deserted village where covid-19 has made the villagers inactive and lonely

Since covid-19, our local town has been quiet except for the coming mayor election. Too noisy the sound of the loud speaker, just calling the names of candidates.

This school year only one 1st-grader kid was enrolled in the elementary school. In this situation, however, PTA volunteers visit each house twice a year to collect news papers to sell for school education.
Villagers leave the bundles of paper outside the house early in the morning.

So far, people have been trying to make the life in this depopulated village active and better till covid-19.

“Younger” generations mostly in their fifties and older serve coffee and cookies on regular basis for senior citizens to talk with each other. They do this as volunteers.

“Longevity gathering” was for senior citizens. I wrote “was” because all of these activities in the village has been canclled thanks to covid-19.

“Ikiiki kai”(the gathering of active life” was also that of the past.

Some people growing vegetables share their produce with their neighbors.

Less and less these social meetings. Elderly people living alone without those village activities, feel more and more lonely just like my mother though she lives with me.

She doesn’t think I live with her. The day may come when she can’t recognize me.

She is physically strong even now though every day she complains about some problems, but not that of internal organs. So we might expect she will live to the age of 100.

She often talks about her hometown where she had many good memories. She married a good man who we all the three children had loved. She doesn’t seem to remember the good days with us.

If those past activities and social gatherings were back, everything would be different. I do hope this could happen before she passes away. Oh, I forgot mother would get certificate of commendation of longevity on the coming Respect-for-the-Aged Day (2021/09/20). Every year one person in the village. This certificate has been handed at the special gathering, but this year, two people in charge will come to our house to deliver it to mom. 

note: She got an electric blanket with the certificate. I do hope she can survive this winter to use this kit.

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karaoke with classmates from junior high school for the first time in a long time .