Moet Fukada, venting her angry against those who don’t take their responsibility according to the law.

Now Japan as well as US are losing legal warfare against China. The vanguard of People’s Liberation Army try to look for loopholes in the legal system of other nations. They know well enough to take advantage of those loopholes.

When loopholes can’t be found, then with the bribe, have politicians make a law with the hole. in it. In the States they take in many law offices and those in high places. Needless to say, Japan is no exception.
In the video clip, you will know how angry Moe Fukada is. Is she still a psychopath?

about the video clip below: 30 second taken from “Fukada Moet TV” (in Japanese)

Ms Fukada says in fury saying “do your job for your people not for China”