Tag match before Sep.29 LDP presidential election are hot now.

Ex-husband of Sanae Takaichi jumped into the ring to fight against Shinjiro Koizumi, Minister of the Environment who criticized his former wife. The match is between Kohno-Koizumi and Takaichi-Yamamoto,her exhusband. Kohno and Takaichi have been fighting for LDP leadership in the coming Sep.29 LDP election.

Koizumi, whose policy is to proceed decarbonization and for renewable energy, harshly criticized Takaichi’s nuclear power policy. Takaichi said nuclear power should be included in the energy policy as “one of them”. This distortion of her policy thrown by Koizumi could have been fatal to Takaichi. It is said that Kohno has been popular among half of LDP members across the country for his stand tall (but empty inside) attitude.

Koizumi, nice looking “young” man of humor, is also popular among LDP members. So Koizumi’s anti-nuclear-power statement against Takaichi might have attracted majority of voters of LDP to Kohno. This was when Taku Yamamoto jumped into the ring rescuing Sanae Takaichi with his clear elaborate counterargument.

Taku Yamamoto, her husband, in his open letter to Koizumi asked him how to deal with horribly expanding energy demand only if Japan had to do with renewable energy. Koizumi was expected to respond to this “open letter”. So far no reaction. The tag of Kohno and Koizumi might have retreated outside of the ring for a break?

Now Taro Kohno, the other defender of solar systems, has to take turns. But then a spear was thrown into the ring from the floor. The spear made it clear that his family had been deeply involved with China business on solar panels.

This is not illegal in Japanese legal system. However their 60% stock share in the Chinese venture company was special benefit from CCP where foreign capital is allowed to have less than 50% stock share.

This shows how much the family has owed to CCP. That explains why Taro Kohno wants to promote renewable energy only, following CCP’s policy to develop EV (Electric Vehicle).

Akio Toyota, CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, harshly criticized the government policy of decarbonization, saying that would destroy Japanese economy with millions of people left unemployed.

Lots of things have been happening here like in US at 2020 presidential election.

Techno System: the company Koizumi family was involved with

Taku Yamamoto’s open letter to Koizumi Koizumihttp://yamamototaku.jp/article/20210921