Japanese version of “Biden Jump”?

Since Sanae Takaichi announced that she would run for LDP leadership, the drama has started.

Prime minister Suga made his decision to oust Toshihiro Nikai, powerful pro-CCP LDP don, to keep his premiership. This was triggered by Fumio Kishida who officially claimed that he would do away with Toshihiro Nikai when he won the coming LDP election. That was Act1.

Now surprisingly Nikai said he would support Sanae Takaichi, the initial antagonist of Taro Kohno. Nikai had long been seen as the most influential supporter of Kohno. Seeing no chance for Kohno, because of Kishida’s claim on discarding Nikai, it made him go for Takaichi. This change of Nikai’s stand has been seen as his revenge against Kishida. Is this another crude human drama?

An old fox like Nikai could be the main character of the revenge drama? I suspect some reason hidden behind : “he wants to keep some influence on Takaichi’s China policy” or “he wants his son to be endorsed to run for the coming general election”.

Now I have to write about the Japanese version of “Biden Jump”. It happened just yesterday. 2021/09/24

TBS, one of the pro-CCP mainstream media, conducted a poll on LDP election, initially in secrecy, calling only those who they thought might pick up Kohno. As they had thought it would be, Kohno took the lead by a large majority, but only for the first two hours. Knowing TBS’s “secret” poll, supporters of the other three candidate rushed to the poll in large numbers. You will see this in the chart attached.

TBS seeing their tactics failed they decided to stop the poll. But whether TBS likes it or not, more and more people voted perhaps for Takaichi with the voter turnout staying the same.. According to Yami-no-kuma-san, YouTube allows its influencers to use its poll systems. The issue of TBS poll may be related to this ”incomplete” system.

While TBS wanted the poll to show Kohno’s popularity, it brought about the result they didn’t want to see. Too bad for TBS, not having Dominion.

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