Kohno’s apology and correction, comedy or tragedy?

Taro Kohno is the son of Yohei Kohno, once a leader of LDP intra-party faction called Kohno group. Yohei is notorious for what is called “the 1993 Kono Statement” in which Japan or Kohno admitted having taken Korean women as prostitutes to warfield. Yohei Kohno did this because of the strong pressure from the Korean government.

Taro belongs to former Kohno group, now led by Taro Aso who warned him if he happened to be the next prime minister, it would be over in a very short time. Aso said this because Kohno is not popular among many LDP members.

He said at the meeting with younger LDP members that “subcommittees are the place to make just a noise, no meaning”. 2021/09/21/
LDP Diet members gather to discuss political issues in preparation for making a bill. However Kohno said he would pass it away to the government job with deputy ministers and bureaucrats, not to legislature. He is said that he has rarely attended either one of those meetings.

This comment could mean authority centralization to administration. Kohno has been suspected for his possible inclination for dictatorship. He has been known for shouting abusive languages to his subordinates. Other LDP members launched a concerted attack on him. Hence, his apology.

His pension reform bill is to raise consumer tax so that this tax money could be allocated to the pension. Without making clear the possible double high rate of the tax, he insisted on the reform bill. He withdrew his plan when he was told that the bill means 20% tax raise. If the tax be raised to this level, low-income people would be most affected. “Can we fight the general election with this bill? This was shared by most of LDP members. Hence his withdrawal.

How a man like Taro Kohno can be minister of Japan? If he became our prime minister, this blog of comedy or tragedy be continued.