What have Kohno’s charged plastic bags done to people?

What did Koizumi’s bill for charging plastic shopping bags? Reduced of Co2? No, it increased shoplifters. How did it happen? Shoppers came to stores with their bags which made it easy to hide the goods from salesperson or from surveillance cameras.

Why then did Japanese people famous for their honesty turn into shoplifters? People have been getting poorer due to covid-19 and lockdown. Many of them lost jobs. Among them especially single mothers who live on part time was in plight, being thrown out of their workplace. Hence the rise of their suicide rate.

Why did the minister implement the bill? Did it bring some profit to him? This is just a small step for his future plan to introduce solar panels to every house. The Koizumi’s family will get a huge profit from solar panel business.

This explains why Koizumi has supported Taro Kohno for the Sept.29 LDP election.

Japan with pro-CCP prime minister Kohno backed up by villains of the same stripe could be reduced to a god-deserted land like my village now.
bottom line: from charged shopping bags by way of shoplifters to deserted Japan