All said, I think Takaishi is sure to be the next prime minister of Japan.

New LDP member and the next prime minister of Japan will be decided just this afternoon JST

From two o’clock in the afternoon, vote counting starts. The new LDP leader will be decided, which means, the new leader of Japan.
Each 383 votes (total 766 votes) are allotted to two groups, LDP Diet members and other rank-and-file party members.

According to the various polls, Kohno will get the rank-and-file, while he would be the second or the third with either Kishida or Takaichi on the top. If this be the case, Kohno will lose the second round of the election only among the LDP Diet members. This is because those who support either Kishida or Takaichi would share the votes for the other candidate, be it Kishida or Takaichi.

This will be the most possible development, the media expect to happen.

I believe the present battle between Kohno vs Kishida and Takaichi could be that of China vs Western democratic nations. We will soon know how deep the silent invasion of China has been or otherwise.

More precisely, if Kohno should get much more votes than expected among many of the so-called young Diet members, they would have voted for pro-China Kohno under strong influence of CCP instead of Takaichi who are expected to lead landslide victory for the coming general election.

Anyway, the worst scenario or Taro Kohno the new prime minister of Japan be gone. However if Kishida became PM, Japan would swing like a pendulum between the two super powers.

One concern about Takaichi. She doesn’t seem to have any intention to lower the present 10% consumption tax. Without this, Japan won’t rise again.

Many conservative economists say this tax reduction and fiscal stimulus should be the way, the only way to the rising sun. Or as some of them say we are not allowed to rise again with our money carried to China by way of Wall Street?

All said, I think Takaishi is sure to be the next prime minister of Japan. At this last moment, Kishida is expected to be chosen.

PS Yesterday TV commentators all criticized Kohno’s pension reform plan, “unrealistic”. Seeing no chance for Kohno becoming the next LDP leader and the new prime minister of Japan, pro-Chinese TV may have shifted their focus on Kishida, not “right wing” Takaichi.