LDP Leader election result: Kishida in-between left and right was chosen

The analysis of the result:

1. Pro-CCP folks like mainstream media not happy about the result.
2. Their Kohno lost the LDP Diet members’ votes to stay the third.
3. Originally supporting Diet members changed their position to Kishida.
4. General LDP supporters have been influenced by mainstream media (TV and newspaper), which explains Kohno got the 40% (255) of the votes at the election of the general party members.
5. Takaichi has got many core supporters among Diet members not expected by Kohno group and the media.
6. “Core supporters” means those who would not change their positions with the turn of events.
7. The media says since Shinzo Abe, former PM, endorsed Takaichi and actively tried to persuade other Diet members into Takaichi. Perhaps so. We may have to add to this that Takaichi, herself, was a powerful candidate.

Contrary to my expectations Mr.Kishida who has been reputed to have strong ties with MOF, Ministry of Finance, won the LDP election. Many conservative economists have criticized MOF for having brought Japan 30-year deflation, for having made her a shrinking boat.

He pledged large fiscal spending for surging economy. Since this is against MOF’s position, his fiscal plan should be limited. He has been reputed to be wishy-washy or indecisive though a good man.

Since another candidate Takaichi was quite different from Kishida. Many supporters of hers had wished she would show us the clear picture of future Japan. We may have to wait some more for her to work as such. Hope not too late.

While thinking about the election, a phrase of an old good song came to me:

Future comes
In the name of tomorrow
Somewhere in the past
A stray sheep I have to be

*see the original Japanese lyrics

Japan couldn’t take a decisive step when it had to. Since the end of WWII, it couldn’t get out of the defeated mentality. Two steps forward and back three steps. It is true Japan was once called “Japan As Number ONE”, but that might be because the country was dancing on someone’s palm?

People say Japan has been under Chinese silent invasion. However we may have been under much stronger invasion in almost all the areas in our daily lives by those forces behind the curtain.

In my blog from now, I will often refer to what Mika Tsutumi
@TsutsumiMika, international journist, has to say about today’s world. Very clear picture, though too risky to her life like those of Keiko Kawazoe @kawasoe0916, anti-CCP journalist and Moe Fukada @MoeFukada, IT business journalist.

Japanese women including Sanae Takaichi in addition to them seem to be risking their lives for the Japan’s today and future. Women discriminated here? This is another fake of liberal media.

* https://youtu.be/YbaUOU-QwJQ

LDP Leader Election 2021/09/29