Why I decided to write an English blog at the last stage of my life.

A little more than thirty years ago in my forties, I began to write and post messages at CompuServe, then front runner SNS.

As a teacher of English, I wanted to use this new tool to get to know people there in the Virtual Reality. I wanted to write about our country, our people, our daily life.

The info I got from the system, I shared with my students (the story published from the newspaper company).

Now retired, I have nothing left except the skill of English. When I was thinking about what I could do at the twilight of my life, I recalled the days I had been active with that front-runner communication system. Since then I have changed with my age and so have my view on the world. I am more critical the way I see things.

It is often said that Japanese power of communication has been weak and that we have to raise our voice to the world.

Since WWII, people here seem to have become more reserved and uncommunicative so that people overseas misunderstand Japan. They may think of us good-heart but naive, in a word, easy to be deceived.

As a laymen fighter, Don Quiote in mind, I have decided to throw down the gauntlet to start my last mission. My exaggeration as always, though.

「遊々パソコン通信術」my second book on the way I use telecommunication published by Fuji Sankei Group in 1991.