The society where nobody takes any responsibility will take us where?

Shigeru Omi, chairperson of the government expert committee on covid-19 said that we seemed to be complacent with covid-19 and that we have to be more vigilant for the coming wave of corona virus.

People become complacent and don’t care much about what those experts say. Such warning can’t persuade us into doing as they tell us to do. No data to support their warning. They just appeal to our emotions. Are they really experts or something?

I had thought that those experts on the government committee would be replaced in due course of time with those who insisted that they should analyze the pandemic based on science, based on data.

Vaccination and lockdown are the only way to take?

However one and a half years from the start of pandemic, no change, no replacement of committee members yet. From the beginning to date, the same measures and advice without verification of the taken measures.
Now we know covid-19 has been repeated with the same pattern, start-peak-fall. The experts ask the government to start lockdown just at the time the wave is on the process of going down. They warned the government to continue to regulate the society saying that the infection might revive at the down stage which had not been the case so far.

They put the blame the pandemic on politically inarticulate business like pubs and restaurants without any data to back up their regulation. In a sense those businesses are taken up for the scapegoat. Does this show their incompetence or is there some hidden reason?

Chairperson Shigeru Omi whose hospital was said to get a lot of government money for allotting beds to the infected without receiving the patients to the full capacity. Empty beds for covid-19 make money as the occupied.

Our town mayor through PA every day ask people to get vaccinated. He doesn’t tell the possible side effect and no compensation for some problem if it happens. Nobody would take any responsibility. By any chance, by unknown forces, the hotbed of totalitarianism is being laid down?

The origins of totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt