“Courage will take you on its wings” Original “it will…” from “Castle in the sky” created by Studio Ghibli

What a beautiful autumn sky! Mom,however, reluctant to go out at first, said “to stay home watching TV much more comfortable”. When she saw this deep blue sky, however, she decided to go to the mall on the wheel chair.

Going down the sloping road to the nearby bus stop, and staying there on the wheel chair, she got into the bus. This was because she could hardly walk by herself.

It is hard for an old lady at her age to eat out by herself. Still much harder for those senior citizens who are most vulnerable to corona virus. True, we were warned against traveling to the shopping mall by our family doctor. He warned us repeatedly that it could be fatal to us, especially to mom.

He had told us to get vaccinated, whose advice we did not follow yet.

In our area of nature-given social distancing with much fewer people than those in crowded city, we are not so vulnerable to covid-19. We go eat sushi seasoned with vinegar, which I believe will protect us from the virus.

Should 97-year-old woman with a couple of years left here stay home the rest of her life? Skin exposed to sunshine can make vitamin D, which creates antibody to fight against corona virus. If this is true, why not get out on sunny days to be drenched with sunlight? Is it too risky for a woman of her age? Maybe so, but no risk taking could be a risk itself. With this in mind, I took out mom as always.

https://youtu.be/TtmfsxNUCDQ?t=13 Carrying you


君をのせて サラ・オレイン Sarah Àlainn

country road in my town: people rush home getting out of the town early evening