Yoichi’s semi-fasting in 18 days

Eighteen days have passed since I started to have meals once a day. This works good to me though it depends on individuals, of course.


  1. I’m old enough to bear hunger. So far no problem with “meal a day”.
  2. I start to enjoy the meal. Before it was a routine, things to do.
  3. moderate stool consistency
  4. have a regular motion, not too hard, not too soft.
  5. Detox?

I eat a lot at supper so that I believe the amount of food I take every night should be almost the same as before. No change of weight so far. The point here may be to have the internal organs rest. That way, the body has time to “think” about which to discard and which to take in. Is this kind of detox?

This is my personal idea on semi-fasting with no data to support. Anyway my gut feeling says, “so far so good.”

Dr.Ishiguro talks about his 16-hour interval eating (in Japanese)
No problem now with my empty stomach when mom says, “delicious no matter what I eat.”