Why has Moet Fukada decided to support young would-be journalists to stand on their own? (3)

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16

Taiwan buy arms from US and sell chips to China. Those who came from Mainland China to Taiwan and their descendants have strong ties with their relatives in China. They are dominant in Taiwan in terms of career or money. Those are the people who run TSMC. They do business with China through backdoor as well as open door.

If they limit the quantity of semiconductor or delay its shipping to US, it may be the things to do to survive.

Tsai Ing-wen administration has never claimed “independent of China”. Status quo has been the best choice for Taiwan and possibly for CCP. However now that China is expected to fall into serious depression, Xi Jinping CCP might take a military action against Taiwan to divert people’s attention from domestic issues to Taiwan.

Moet Fukada insists that Japan should revive semiconductor industry backed up by our government. Why did the government pay handsome money to invite SMTC to Japan?

Younger generation living under 30-year deflation economy live now modestly. Senior citizens who have some achievement or money tell them to do something positive to make a contribution to the society.

However younger generation today get less and less paid in the very country their senior workers have established. They get paid 20% less than Korean workers. Their income is only for the good of making a family of two or three. That can’t afford them to eat out as often as they like or to drink other than at home.

They can’t think about the country of yesterday, today and tomorrow. They stay home in their country rather than dare go overseas to stay or to work.

That is the way Moet sees today’s Japan and is seriously worried about the future of the country. To break through this current situation, the development program of journalist tomorrow has come into being as brain child of Moe Fukada.

A journalist once she raised in her initial program started to shake in his position as money given for his work increased.
Her program will start to emphasize the importance of being independent, while teaching how to make money to withstand temptation.

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