Why has Moet Fukada decided to support young would-be journalists to stand on their own? (2)

While I was watching Moet Fukada’s YouTube videos, a phrase in the Bible came to me; “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” Luke 19:40

Moet Fukada, IT Business Journalist, is what I call that stone crying out the threat Japan is facing. The threat coming from the lack of law and fairness seen everywhere in Japan. She wants to have other stones cry out like hers. With this in mind, she has started a course for future journalists.

She has repeatedly been warning that Taiwan works as backdoor to CCP. Semiconductor makers like TSMC did not cater the ordered lot to US as scheduled. US had to delay the production of F-35 Jet fighters. As the result China caught up with J-21 fighters using TSMC chips.

Moet sees the same picture in today’s lack of chips for the motor production in the global market, except for Chinese companies. TSMC and several chip production makers are of Taiwan, which has long been threatened to be occupied by CCP. If that be the case, why they sold chips to them and delayed its delivery to their allies?

Japan has decided to invite TSMC to build their companies in Japan. Moet blows a whistle against this. TSMC would take away all the Japanese tech left here.

She is especially worried about the future of Toyota and other Japanese auto companies. If EV cars are to be the standard of tomorrow, Toyota with many other related companies and too many workers will have to be gone.

EV is said to be decarbonization friendly. Are they so friendly? Moet says, just the opposite. To produce EV cars, more oils and coals should be used. EV may be one of the means of CCP to dominate the world.

Moet Fukada, with those claims, has been attacked from all over. From Taiwan, EV EU, from inside Japan as well as from CCP.

Criticized from “inside Japan”? Pro-CCP, pro-Taiwan, corrupted politicians and bureacrats who do not try to work as the law designates. Conservative writers who are deceived by Taiwanese double standards are against her as well.

Moet Fukada sees the hope in young journalists who would care for the country without being swayed by money. With this in mind, Moet plans to raise would-be journalist by teaching how to make a living as journalists.

F-35 case
chips lack
crisis of Auto industry

Moet talks about TSMC delayed F-35 chips delivery and warns about Japanese auto makers’ would-be crisis due to the same lack of TSMC chips. 1m53s (in Japanese)


    1. Hi, Moet is a unique lady who has been active in trying to persuade the risk to do business with Taiwanese high-tech companies. However, believe it or not, the ruling party would listen to her. They should be a strong tie with Taiwan and CCP. People believe they have been fighting against CCP, but that’s not true. That’s why Moet started to contact with US administration.

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