What can I do on the sinking boat in the depopulated town?

Moet Fukada once said “Why do Japanese government finance TSMC, the world biggest semiconductor of Taiwan with the backdoor to CCP? I feel depressed every day watching her YouTube.

Still we may be lucky to have those non-political grass-roots people left like her. Non-political? Present Japan is under heavy influence and pressure both from US and CCP. Politicians instructed by the bureaucrats, graduates of Tokyo University, have been trying to be nice to Japan’s patron Powers, not caring for their own country.

Are we on a sinking boat? It is no good only to shed tears for this development. I decided to do things I could if any for my home town. With this in mind I joined a gathering hosted by a local council member.

He did the same gatherings in several places in our town. During his talk, he was just looking at me. Soon I learned that the other people there were all his supporters.

He talked about the plight in our town, unable to set out new policies. Hence this year our town was designated “depopulated town” getting some subsidy from the government.

According to Council Matsuo, our town mayor was pleased to get this subsidy without any policy plan to use this money. The town is asked to get out of this plight with the subsidy. Our town mayor doesn’t seem to know what the subsidy is for.

Since then I sent e-mail twice to Mr. Matuso. I felt that he might be the one who cares for the town.

I wrote him what I could. I proposed to establish his brain team from every walk of life in the town. To ask young students to join the team so that they could learn the world, not alone school education. With this brain team experiences, they will be the future leaders in and out of the town.

With my career experiences, I could say that I might have something to do in the field of English & ICT education as well as International exchange project either online or real.

Ten of my proposals were accepted from various foundations including Ministry of Foreign Affairs related fund. Maybe I could still do something for some fields here.

Teachers talk but do nothing. “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away”. I still have something to talk. I didn’t die in my carrier. I will do what I could while fading away.