One way track would take us where? What and Why is this pandemic confusion?

There seems to be the difference between pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine people. The difference may be “with or without” the data which support their standpoints.
We were told, take vaccine, then the pandemic should go. 50% of Japanese took the first time shot and 40% the second. And lo! this surging infection.

Kunihisa Takeda, nuclear power expert, said on “Torano-mon News”18/08/2021 that this pandemic has a certain pattern which has no match with the repeated “state of emergency” has shown. Prof. Takeda’s policy is “don’t say anything if you have no data. He sometimes quotes 19th century philosopher Hegel:”The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.”

He said that the truth is confirmed after it really happens. The scientists can’t say anything before it happens (before confirmed based on data – the present writer) .

Prof. Shigeto Yonemura, Tokyo University, said that the task during this time was to come to the social decision utilizing the scientific knowledge. However anything has not been overcome.”

Shigeru Omi, Chairman of the Corona Countermeasures Expert Committee repeatedly says the importance of social distance and lockdown , without showing any data. Now it is reported that he said “the things have come to the stage of out of control”.

The anger has been growing among young people with more anger among those restaurant workers as well as their owners. More people have been losing their jobs. People, especially young single mothers, have been committing suicide.

Many YouTubers talk about the possible solutions. However many of their video clips have been banned. A certain Hokkaido doctor had been explaining the Pfizer’s document as well as the data from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. He was banned.

Only one-way track has been offered to us, that is, to stay home, vaccinate, no alcohol at restaurants. no ivermectin.

What and why is this confusion?

created by Kadoma City, Osaka