alea jacta est、”The die has already been cast” D.Trump like woman politician decided to run for premiership.

Ms Sanae Takaichi, wanted by people, but definitely not by pro-CCP politicians, the majority of the Diet. Can she make it to the next prime minister against their deadly opposition?

The recent poll by Yukan Fuji、tabloid paper issued by the Sankei Group, woke up Japan. So shocking the survey was to the pro-CCP groups across the nation. We would soon see the deadly counterattacks by them against this D. Trump-like woman politician.

She has got 81%. Yoshihide Suga, present prime minister 11.9%

She is a rare politician who speaks her mind clearly which has made waves. Her proposal of NHK fee discount shivered workers there and their executives in shock. Her proposal when she wrote it herself as Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications was not realized. Most probably, however, she would make it as Prime Minister of Japan if she were elected by LDP members.

She tried to persuade former prime minister Shinzo Abe to run for the election, to which he was negative. He had suported the present prime minister Yoshihide Suga as his successor, when he had to leave his premiership.

Why did Ms Sanae Takaichi approach Mr. Shinzo Abe? This is because she shares the policies of Shinzo Abe. She has long cooperated him as one. 

She made up her mind to run for PM herself saying that she had to do it herself if Shinzo Abe would not.

She once worked under Patricia Schroeder, US congresswoman.

Japan should completely change with her. Then Moet Fukada won’t be in prison. (In Japanese)