What those out of the covid-19 mainstream say about vaccine?

“Out of the mainstream” party have said from the beginning that we have to enhance our immune system in order not to suffer from covid-19. Do exercise. Stay under the sun to have it generate vitamin D. Warm our body by taking hot bath. Drink hot tea which was recently proved to reduce corona virus, etc.

They say “be careful not to touch eyes, nose and mouth (if touch, then use disinfection to stop the virus intrusion).

If contact infection is the main cause of infection, stay away from door knob of the bathroom or elevator, from escalator railing, or from train strap and what not.

The present vaccine has not been confirmed safe yet so we don’t know what risks are hidden. Antibody which the vaccine generate in our body might weaken our natural antibody. The latter might die out due to the repeated vaccine shots.

Why do young people have to get vaccinated when few are reported to have died because of covid-19? Not to infect others? We are told even those vaccinated could infect others.

Above mentioned topics are everyday posted on YouTube. by various researchers.

The bottom line: It is up to you whether you believe them or trust in your government.

Statistics of New deaths from February 2020 to August 2021 Toyo Keizai Online
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