Country road, how can I take mom to the shopping mall without my car licence?

One and a half hours from now is the time available for writing today’s blog. I have to take mom to eat sushi at the nearby shopping mall. “Near by” in the rural area? No, fifty-minutes away by bicycle. Take mom by bicycle? Of course not.

Mother can’t walk. Her two broken upper legs were operated. Women, when old, legs are the problem. Men? probably waist should be their problem like mine. Anyway, the two orthopedics doctors did a beautiful job to mom. After two operations at the age of 93 and 95, she can walk in the house, though I have to use “hardly” in between “can” and “walk”.

What am I talking about? Wheelchair is today’s topic. From now, I will take her to the restaurant with it.

Wait a minute. Just now, she mumbles, “I can’t go anywhere with my poor legs”. Then I take some time to persuade her, “mom, you don’t have to walk. I’ll take you by wheelchair” Then she asks me, “Wheel chair? What’s that?” This way it take time before we go.

I take her on wheelchair to the nearest bus stop. We have had to change the type of bus as her legs were getting worse. The board of the most recent bus is low enough for mom to get inside, staying on the wheelchair.

On weekend, this bus is not available. Then I take her to and from the train station, 15 minutes each time.
This, we have been doing since covid-19 started in April last year (my younger sister used to take her by car). Some bus drivers blow the horn to see me with mom on the wheelchair. The station staff, seeing us, get out with the board for our train board.

Now mom suggests that I run for the local council member. My devotion to her has become well-known. What do you think my chances are good or slim?

The time to go.