This world, the strong man sets the standard. Hepatitis (vaccine) passport, Et tu?

FRB is not the national bank of US. Then, who runs it behind the screen?
(Mutsuo Mabuchi, former ambassador to Ukraine, suspects that Lincoln and JFK were assassinated for their nationalization idea of US Central Bank).

Ski jumping, they changed the evaluation criteria adding the beauty of jumping to its distance. Who decided it for what?

Why did 2007 financial crisis occur to the Lehman Brothers and other banks and financial security firms? How were credit rating agencies doing their business?

Fact check agencies have been doing their jobs right since 2020 US presidential elections? How about their fact check on covid-19? Was their check based on true or false judgement, or by any chance based on their political position?

Vaccine passport? Who started to talk about this people dividing or rating system?

Is this the world of the strong, not that for everyone? What a nonsense am I talking about? Too slow to learn this eternal truth in this world since people in the ancient times started to cultivate the field which was to divide people between the haves and not haves.

from website of Osaka Municipal Minato Junior High

Who or what is our boss?/