Trial of Moe Fukada 26/08/2021

Ms Moe Fukada talks about yesterday trial. The plaintiff Mr. F didn’t show up. Just his lawyer. She was surprised to see this layer in business suit wearing glasses, looking like a gentleman.

Has he changed? In former trials, he was always in shabby clothes with messy hair. Moe suspects that her video in which she referred to his look might have changed him.

He has not changed, she said. In the court, he took out his phone and started to talk without asking for the permission. of the judge. Maybe this lawyer didn’t know how to set the phone to silent in the court?

Hadakirara, so she calls the man, did not show up to the court. Who is this man with the same name as Mr. F, her plaintiff? Hadakirara is the product name of the man’s company. One of Moe’s followers went to the Legal Affairs Bureau to get the copy of the register of Hadakirara. They found Mr. F and Hadakirara live in the same place, that is, the same man.

His company is now in trouble with many complaints from consumers.

Before the trial a man, her stalker, appeared again and Moe’s followers blocked him when the police came to take him to the police station. Moe was ushered in the court through the secret corridors only for the judges and secretary.

In the court, the lawyer of Mr.F asked to finish the next three witness cross examination in one day, insisting that this one-day procedure had been accepted in the former trials, which Moe said was a outright lie. One cross examination for 7 hours. Then how can they do it in one day?

She said she had finally got her lawyer.
What will be in store for her next? Continue