Why they are forcing all the people under the sun to get vaccinated? RFID is the key to this issue?

Today I’m afraid that I don’t have time to work on the blog for the day. I may have to take mom to a shopping mall to eat sushi. However let me try.
I learned about RFID、super tiny chip which could be put in our body without noticing it’s there.
Bill Gates is said to have got an interest in the RFID developed or maybe being developed by Hitachi, Ltd。and Sumitomo Chemical Co.
I was wondering why those in high places want to force all people to get vaccinated. Most probably for the huge benefit of those pharmacy like Pfizer and Deep State?
No, today’s vaccine shot is just the initial stage for tomorrow. With RFID invisible to the eye shot in the body, Super Power could do anything to control people. Plague caused by Yersinia pestis is now being on the topic related to today’s pandemic. If we are under the threat of Pest Pandemic, who could deny vaccination? Even if you know you would be shot with RFID, you dare not turn it down. That picture may be in the brain of Bill Gates and other super elites?
Today we hear about the following whistle blowers but tomorrow their voices won’t be heard. “Led like a lamb to the slaughter”,People will follow the way quietly, designed by the forces hidden in the cloud.


CDC Suzan Pierse inside car whistle blower